UniTheme - premium adaptive template for CS-Cart

Adaptive premium template for CS-Cart with 20+ extra features and 6 commercial addons on board. Use it, to make fast, modern and fully functional store, using CS-Cart as a platform.

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Enter desired number of theme using on your domains. For Ultimate installations all domains are needed to be licensed.

Please enter a valid addres(es) of the shop where you are going to use the add-on. If you purchase the add-on for multiple stores, specify all the store addresses, separated by commas. Do not use localhost and non existing site names!
Please select paid version if you want to get updates after 6 month releases

Also we can install theme on working site with third party addons, but the cost of this operation will be individually in every case (after analysis). Contact us for this cases before your order.

You can order development of color scheme individually for you firm style by our integrators

Special addons packages, that pump your store to the full power !!!!

10 addons with a huge discount, which, after installation, will provide you with functionality for professional promotion, which does not have analogues even for other platforms (the modules are closely interrelated, complementing the functionality of each other and do not conflict)

These addons will increase the number of orders due to the processing of "lazy" customers

Included support: 30 points

UniTheme - universal premium template for CS-Cart store:

universally suitable for any business (appliances, food, tools, clothing, shoes, watches, perfumes, goods for tourism, and much more - and this is proved by our first integrations - look for examples of integrations);

universally solves the problem of the store owner, as it includes all the main "chip" of the modern stores (yes, it's not just good look - it's more than 20 extra features and 5 commercial addons included in the delivery pattern - see included addons);

universally adaptable to any screen resolution with the highest level of usability (specifically for each permit elaboration led specialist in usability - more on adaptability)

100% adaptive,
usability in every detail

It looks great on tablet screens in both horizontal and vertical position. Thorough minimalism and convenience viewing. Clients of your online store will have very comfortable shopping on mobile gadgets.

Check convenience of viewing on mobile devices:
Mobile Friendly Websites

Important functional features

All technical wishes of the variety of clients were considered, as well as carefully worked out a convenient and minimalistic design. Interesting and useful solutions will help customers to use your online store and make purchases with comfort.

  • Fixed, adaptive top panel
  • Perfect menu
  • Three "cool" kind of display products in the categories
  • The discount amount effect on the color of the label
  • Buttons "category in the entire width of the screen" and "Hide filters" to display more products
  • Quick view that would be desirable to use!
  • Banners designer to quickly create effective advertising
  • Banners in the category
  • Auto pagination
  • Promotional offers - Product of the day
  • Blocks in the tabs
  • SEO coding for the blocks positions has a smart adaptability
  • Adaptive banners take the shape of your screen without reducing image
  • All page elements are conveniently arranged and thought out (by marketers in the field of e-commerce)!

SEO optimization

In the basic version of the template we have improved SEO:

  • Excluding the using of H1 headers in the block titles
  • Optimized code for category pages (first code block is the main content, and only then filters block, though visually - other way round)
  • H1 header was lifted into the top of the code
  • We also offer SEO optimized build UniTheme template (which integrates all of our SEO addons - more than 10)
  • Page speed improvements (1,5 - 2 times better, than another themes with the same features)
  • Better usability - better behavioral factors (increased depth of pages view, increasing the delay on the page, the best conversion rates noted by all switched from other templates clients)

The first 10 template installations in existing projects (in fact, the change to a new site template) showed overall efficiency: no dipped positions in SE (the experiment was kept for 2 months)

Fixed, adaptive top panel—

In the panel were included all main elements of user navigation. When scrolling content pane takes a fixed position at the top of the site, it allways allows the customer to see the menu, search, personal account links and shopping cart.

Perfect menu—

During the development of our template we completely modified the standard CS-Cart menu in order to obtain a modern multi-functional menu, which will:

  • Take a minimum of space in the design
  • Being visible in the design and clickable
  • Be easy to use
  • Accommodate a maximum of categories elements structure
  • Have functions of advertising
  • Adapt to different screen resolutions

Three product list templates—

User will choose comfortable for him category view, which will undoubtedly improve the behavioral factor and loyalty to the store.!

The discount amount effect
the color of the label—

Label color the depends on the discount size, hottest offers with big discounts will be purchased more frequently.

Conversion metrics will be improved. You can edit colors for discounts labels via visual editor.

Buttons "category listings in full width of the screen" and "Hide filters"—

We have included in our template special usability"chip", which allows one-touch stretch the layout of the list of products in a full width of the page as well as hide the filter block section, which will allow the customer to focus on selected offers without much information.

Extended banners—

Create professional banners without design skills, just copy the picture and enter through our text editor. In 2 minutes you will get the most effective, responsive in all resolutions banner, which can also carry more and SEO features.

Addon - Extended banners designer
  • A: Title and description of the proposal. The title can be tagged as "h1" or plain text
  • B: Background image or a color for maximum optimization of page loading speed
  • C: Manipulate with text of buttons inviting the client to action
  • D: Use a combination of banners and do not worry about their addaptivity
  • E: Use a text marker to the concentration of attention to simple offer

Banners in the category—

Place the banners directly in product grid on category pages, advertise, notify, stimulate original and effective, as leaders make.

Addon - Banners in category

Auto pagination —

Use convenient and unobtrusive pagination of products, with will help customer to see more products and inform him how many items left in the list.

Addon - Show more products
  • A: Number of of loadable items
  • B: loading indicator, adjustable by settings
  • C: Displays how many items left in the list
  • Downloading options (automatically or by pressing) are editable by addon settings

Product of the day —

Create promotional items, marked with a label in the special lists, as well as having a countdown timer to the end of the action on their detailed pages. Promote actively them on the main page with a special promotional block. Achieve maximum performance from all the coupon shares.

Addon - Product of the day

Blocks in tabs —

Place the content in tabs to be convenient to the user to access multiple blocks from a single screen.

Better usability pages. Special addon mode allows to load content tabs just by click on it and not when the page loads.

Save resources, get more speed even for large content pages - get better SEO.

Main Page —

In the design of the home page of UniTheme we moved away from CS-Cart standard functionality and have implemented some extra features, not covered by the basic platform template for your online store . Now it has excellent vies and all the modern tools to work with the audience.

Banners rotator in the full width of screen (using addon - Extended banners)

The block product offerings in the tabs (New products, Top Sales, Specials)

Products of the day with a count down timer (used addon - Product of the day)

A selection of banner advertising, usually a reference to the anchor products in popular categories

The latest news, beautiful conclusion of articles from the blog

Special Offers, block of articles with the latest stocks

Subscribe and a group of links to your social resources

Category page with maximum usability —

Very serious approach to the design of the category page was used. The page has been SEO optimized (visual block with the filters on the left, but in the code it goes after the block of the main content), bread crumbs are also located below the H1 header. Description of categories, we also placed at the bottom of the page (and the search engines and customers are happy to not interfere). Addon - banners in the commodity grid will help to create additional relinking and promotes a greater depth browsing.

3 variant of products lists

The ability to expand the grid in a full width of screen and hide the filter block

Sub-categories are user-friendly placed and not shift the visible area of the grid

Filters have a unique design and convenient functionality

The ability to display banners in the column as well set up for you

Block with bestsellers has a color gradation labels from the hottest offerings to less purchased

Auto pagination products improves navigation for the user, there is no need to click on the links of page numbers, new portion of products will load automatically

Product detailed page —

We worked out two product templates. The location of all elements on the page provides good conversion. If you have any suggestions for modification or amendment of certain elements you can always order the individual revision to suit your needs.

The vertical arrangement of mini icons Gallery will save place for more content within the first screen

Carefully considered location of the functional areas (Buy, Buy 1 Click, Compare, Wishlist, Share)

Output of short list of product features

Extra style for the tabs and functionality "more product description"

Comfortable for reading reviews can help the buyer make an informed buying decision

Block with a similar and recently viewed products will help the client with navigation when searching for the needed product

We offer you a ready-made color solutions —

The basic version of the template has six carefully selected color schemes. Everyone will be able to choose for themselves the finished color scheme or order the integration of colors to suit your corporate identity. As well as using the editor, you can try yourself as a designer and choose the color to your liking.

CS-Cart type:
  • CS-Cart Ultimate (or CS-Cart)
  • CS-Cart Multivendor
СS-Cart version compatibility:
  • 4.3.6
  • 4.3.7
  • 4.3.8
  • 4.3.9
  • 4.3.10
  • 4.4.1
  • 4.4.2
  • 4.4.3
  • 4.5.1
  • 4.5.2
  • 4.6.1
  • 4.6.2
  • 4.6.3
  • 4.7.1
  • 4.7.2
  • 4.7.3
  • 4.7.4
  • 4.8.1
  • 4.8.2
  • 4.9.1
  • 4.9.2
  • 4.9.3
Enabled update period:
  • 6 months (a paid renewal is available upon expiration)
Пожалуй лучшее решение в настоящее время, произвели переезд, содействие со стороны получили своевременно. Довольны совместной работой. Рекомендуем.
Отличная тема! Попались трудные заказчики, которых вечно все не устраивает. Увидев свой магазин с этой темой, просто были в восторге! Если вы еще в раздумьях то берите, не пожалеете. Планирую брать еще один для другого проекта, жаль скидки не предоставляются постоянным клиентам.

Советую всем!
Пожалуй лучшая оценка темы это то, что у нас реально увеличились продажи! Клиент отмечают современный дизайн, это радует. Отдельно бы отметил разработчиков, ребята реально очень внимательно относятся к пожеланиям, это дорого стоит! Жду новых обновлений темы.
We are very happy with the AlexBranding Unitheme. It was very simple to install, it works and looks great. The extra addons makes the cs-cart much better and more user friendly. For example the Advanced banner management helps us save a lot of time making good looking banners without photoshop.
Alex and his team har also been great and responsive with regard to support. They have also helped us in reinstalling and tuning our cs-cart server, so that is runs much faster than before. We are very happy and recommend this theme to anyone who would like a professional looking webshop that is userfriendly for both customer and store owner. Thank you AlexBranding.
A very good theme, though there is definitely room for improvement.
1. Buy together, a lot of people nowadays use the buy together add-on (would be fun if you would implement this in a good way, I think I did a fair job at this).
2. Optimize the scripts. By minifying the scripts in the theme i saved almost 200 kb of space.
3. Align everything. If not everything is aligned it looks messy (though this is a very tempting and common mistake).
4. This is something I still dont get, why is the quantity button gone on mobile? WTF!?
5. Put banners of some sort on the category page (something like on fonq.nl, gives the website a very good look, makes it more vivid).
6. Keep improving! I asked for a fix of the menu bar (it acts funky on the ipad). Why hasn't this fix been released yet!?

But apart from the criticism, it is a very high quality theme, something that was done almost flawless (but there will always be these little things, in every single template, no matter who programmed it!).
Отличное решение для кастомизации CS-Cart, ничего подобного и близко на рынке нет. Очень качественная проработка. Тех.поддержка на высоком уровне. Ждём обновлений!
Сделайте что бы меню и корзина открывалось при навидении, а не по клику и будет все Оk
Парни, продайте мне ручку ! Меня склоняют на битрикс ! Артикулов много , товары для сада и огорода ... Визуально ваш шаблон нра очень ..минимум доработок
Ориентировочные сроки выхода 1.3 с поддержкой Мультивендор установок - 20.01.2017
Добрый день,снова! Хотелось бы узнать приблизительные сроки,подскажите. У нас проект готовый ,если короткон сроки готовый Вас подождать.
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Online store, selling kitchen appliances and utensils from the most famous brands. The project was implemented on the basis of the premium theme UniTheme for CS-Cart.



Online store of telecommunication and network equipment, firmly occupies its niche in this sphere. Turnkey implementation of the premium theme UniTheme for CS-Cart.



Online store ToolsGrad.ru Power tools wholesale and retail: more than 10,000 models from leading manufacturers with delivery throughout Russia. The project was implemented, using UniTheme for CS-Cart.



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HmizateMall - large (multivendor) online store for the sale of equipment in Morocco. The project was implemented by the customer by himself on the basis of the premium UniTheme template for CS-Cart.



One of the most popular online stores, selling auto accessories, auto parts and tuning elements in Romania. The project was implemented on the basis of the best premium template UniTheme for CS-Cart.



Rental of equipment for events, celebrations, conferences, weddings. The project was implemented by the customer by himself on the basis of the premium UniTheme template for CS-Cart.



Online store "Artior", high-quality furniture for home and office, from the manufacturer. The project was implemented on the basis of a premium UniTheme template for CS-Cart.



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Dolinski.pl is not just an online store, it's a large chain of stores, selling and servicing branded watches for over 42 years! The project is implemented on the basis of the premium template UniTheme for CS-Cart.



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Professional store "Everything for the child", in which you can quickly and cheaply buy high-quality products for children. The project was created on the basis of the premium template UniTheme for CS-Cart.



Online store - Farla, pillows for pregnant and lactating mothers, quality products for children. The project was implemented on the basis of the premium template UniTheme for CS-Cart.



Want to buy a fresco on the wall, surprise your beloved or children with bright colors - choose ready-made frescos from the catalog, make wallpapers from personal photos. The project was implemented on the basis of the premium template UniTheme for CS-Cart.



Online stationery store - Wide choice and affordable prices for stationery. The project was implemented on the basis of the premium theme UniTheme for CS-Cart.


Online store of Stalik Khankishiyev

Online store Stalik Khankishiyev, where you can buy all the books of his authorship with delivery anywhere in Russia. The project was implemented on the basis of the premium theme UniTheme for CS-Cart.



Online store Armygear - is a supplier of military and tactical equipment for soldiers and other professional users in Norway and abroad. The project was implemented on the basis of the premium template UniTheme.



Online store of the company GenPribor - delivery of devices and equipment for industry. The project was implemented independently by the customer on the basis of the premium theme UniTheme for CS-Cart.



Online store of professional cosmetics and original perfumery with delivery throughout Russia. The project was implemented on the basis of the premium theme UniTheme for CS-Cart.



The online cosmetics store "Elitkosmetika" sells cosmetics in Moscow and the region. The project was implemented on the basis of the premium theme UniTheme for CS-Cart.


All buyers of YOUPI template we offer a discount on the package (discount on the purchase of a package of modules is made up by more than 50%)

SEO addons package - 249$

full addons price from package — from 580$

It greatly enhances the SEO capabilities of CS-Cart and increase the attractiveness of the store pages for search engines. All modules are tailored to meet the requirements of SEO studios with huge experience in promoting of the estores. The package includes the following addons:

  1. SEO pages for filters

    Must have add-on!!! Add possibility to promote any filters page
  2. SEOhide

    Adds possibility to make correctly distribution of the link weight
  3. Custom Н1 header for categories pages

    Adds possibility to change the Н1 header without renaming of the category
  4. Short description for products from features

    Automatic generation of descriptions + relinking with SEO filters addon
  5. Multiple category descriptions

    Позволяет Rich the best level of content optimization for categories pages
  6. Noindex for technical pages

    Closes some pages from SE index
  7. SEO for tags pages

    Adds SEO management for tags pages
  8. Advanced Sitemap for CS-Cart

    Adds several sitemaps with one index file (images map, seo filters map, etc).
  9. Auto alt and title tags for product images

    Automatically adds unique tags alt and title to all the pictures with templates on store pages.
  10. New!!! Advanced Meta tags templates

    Adds possibility to generate meta tags and title headers with advanced templates.

Pack completion is expected (+ automatic relinking + !!!)

What you get as a result - a complete set of tools to promote your store, which has no your competitors. Flawless appearance + adaptability + SEO = success of your project.

SPEEDup Package - 400$

Price without discount — from 500$

It is a service of preparation of your project and the server for maximum speed page generation, high performance and security. The service is provided by professional sytem administrator with extensive experience in configuring and optimizing servers for CS-Cart projects.

Package CS-CART SPEEDup includes the following services:

  1. Performance audit

    For already working projects - it allows us to understand that places requires optimization
  2. Consulting on the server selection for the project

    We can recommend a solution that will suit your store
  3. Setting up a server

    The specialist will install the software from scratch
  4. Server security

    Carrying out procedures to ensure the security of the server software
  5. Connecting ssl

    Store Transfer to work with https
  6. Server settings optimizing

    Fine tuning the server for maximum performance
  7. Exclusive сaching add-on

    Our development! Increases the speed of CS-Cart store in many times

What you will get as a result - maximum performance, security, instant loading of the pages, the ability to further support the professional server administrator.

AB dev team guarantees limited technical support to customers through its own technical support system. In order to use the technical support, authorize on the site and click the "Support" button.

Support includes:

  • Author's answers to the technical questions of the work of the solution
  • Help in solving bugs and problems
  • Release of versions, that support new versions of CS-Cart as well as fixing bugs and issues

Support does not include:

  • Customization services
  • Installation services
  • Adaptation services for working with third-party solutions and modules
  • Update services



A complete list of technical support conditions look here