AB team services

In our team, we have a full range of specialists to solve any (well, almost any) challenges that eCommerce projects may face: designers, frontend and backend developers, project managers, and testers. If you run a store on CS-Cart or a Multi-Vendor-based marketplace, you can count on our expertise.

Our team is ready to offer the following services in CS-Cart based eCommerce projects:

  • CS-Cart development / programming / functionality customization / integrations
  • Assistance in proper issue resolution / development task formulation
  • Design / design implementation / CS-Cart theming / creation of custom designs based on client requirements
  • Integration of SEO audits into CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor projects
  • CS-Cart acceleration / optimizations / improvement of Google PageSpeed Insights scores
  • Turnkey development of an online store / marketplace
  • Competitor price monitoring, dynamic pricing based on competitor and supplier prices
  • Product scraping from competitors' stores, suppliers (with dynamic updates)
  • Training / consulting / onboarding project staff / extended technical support
  • Project updates from old versions to newest / comprehensive maintenance
  • Migration to CS-Cart from other platforms
  • Comprehensive support for projects on CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor (outsourcing)
  • One-time issue resolution / urgent assistance

To order services, please contact us at info@alexbranding.com


These services are not part of our regular Technical Support and cannot be paid for with technical support points that we allocate when selling ready-made solutions.