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The add-on is included in the  SpeedUP add-ons package for CS-Cart projects  (supplied free of charge as part of the package)). The add-on allows, when loading a website page by a browser, to postpone the loading of images of this page at the point in time when they are...
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The add-on is included in the SpeedUP add-ons package for CS-Cart projects (supplied free of charge as part of the package)).

The add-on allows, when loading a website page by a browser, to postpone the loading of images of this page at the point in time when they are necessary for displaying to the user. This allows you to save resources and make the page load faster (mechanics are a Google requirement for site performance and are mandatory to use).

Video with Lazy load for images add-on in work

Lazy loading images is designed to solve several problems at once:

  • Decreases initial load time - lazy loading of a web page reduces its weight, which allows faster page loading;
  • Conserve bandwidth - lazy loading conserves bandwidth by delivering content to users only on demand;
  • Conservation of system resources - lazy loading saves resources of both the server and the client, because only some images, JavaScript and other code really need to be rendered or executed, all the rest should be loaded when necessary;
  • Improves Google PageSpeed Insights metrics for site pages.

Why is our implementation of the lazy load function preferred to use?

  • we use technology that is widely supported by modern browsers and is recommended by Google experts;
  • our add-on does not harm image search engine optimization (yes, images are also indexed and participate in search results).

Attention: to achieve maximum performance indicators on the site pages, it is necessary to combine the mechanics of lazy loading (postloading) and preloading images: we preload those images that the user sees on the screen first and lazily load those that he should see during further interaction with the page (and only if there is such an interaction).

For the preload function, we have provided Preload add-on for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor.

CS-Cart type:
  • CS-Cart Store Builder Free
  • CS-Cart Store Builder Plus
  • CS-Cart Store Builder Ultimate
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Standard
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Plus
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Ultimate
Functionality purpose:
  • SEO
  • Speed up
  • Category page
СS-Cart version compatibility:
  • 4.13.2
  • 4.13.3
  • 4.14.1
  • 4.14.2
  • 4.14.3
  • 4.15.1
  • 4.15.2
  • 4.16.1
  • 4.16.2
  • 4.17.1
  • 4.17.2
  • 4.18.1
Enabled update period:
  • 6 months (a paid renewal is available upon expiration)

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Release #3
v1.0.2 from 06-Jul-2022
New features and improvements:
[+] Added compatibility with CS-Cart 4.15.1.

Bug fixes:
[!] Unloaded banners in the template "Carousel" has moved a content below. Fixed.
Release #2
v1.0.1 from 03-Nov-2021
Bug fixes:
[!] "HiDPI displays support" add-on. When viewing source code of the page, click on the link of image in the attribute srcset(base64) didn't open the image. Fixed.
[!] UniTheme2. Lazy load didn't work for scroller (scroller of brands) in some cases. Fixed.
[!] UniTheme2. When the add-on "Image zoom" was active, images were not switched when clicking on the image gallery. Fixed.
Release #1
v1.0.0 from 08-Oct-2021
New features and improvements:
[+] Research and Development of the main add-on functionality.