Terms and conditions

Before purchasing software solutions, please read the following agreement

Buying software add-ons and themes by AlexBranding team you agree with following Terms of Use.

Definition of terms Agreement

  • Software solutions (solutions) - add-ons and themes, that extend the basic capabilities of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor platforms.
  • Seller - AlexBranding team, that develops and supports software solutions on site cs-cart.alexbranding.com
  • The Buyer - a person who acquires software solutions on cs-cart.alexbranding.com site for further using on the site, working on CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor platform.


AlexBranding owns the copyright to the solutions, presented in this site. The copy, publish, transfer or resale for use without purchasing a license is strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to use parts of our code in whole or in part of any other software product or website. 


Buying software solutions (modules and themes) online on cs-cart.alexbranding.com, our customers get the  license key, which gives the right to use solutions only on the domains and in the number of units that the customer has paid. The license remains in effect for all period of use, and customer solutions can be terminated in case of violation of the rules of its use (identification of copyright infringement resulting in a one-sided rejection of the license by the seller without a refund for the software product, for which a violation found).

Our solutions work in pair with special addon - "Addons Manager", which helps to install addons and controls updates for them. Also this addon controls license terms execution by clients (befor installing any our solution "Addons manager" checks for a license for the domain on our server. We use it for protection against illegal copying and distribution. But it It does not receive any information about the activities of the store and its data.

License allows using of software solutions on predefined before purchasing site name (names). Use a different address, which were not included in the list of forbidden not allowed.

Ordering solutions, you confirm the correctness of the website address on which you plan to use the solution if you make a mistake in the address, you can apply at info@alexbranding.com and we will solve this problem in a period of 2 hours to 2 days, depending on the treatment time.

Copy protection

Part of the code of the software solutions is encoded in order to protect the intellectual property of the development team (all the code that is responsible for the appearance is completely open). At the same time, the Seller declares that he does not collect any data from the Buyer through encoded code sections.

Using software solutions

The Seller guarantees the work of his solutions on clean uncustomized settings CS-Cart with appropriate version (versions compatibility is available on the solution page description).

You can customize our templates and addons under the requirements you need. In the case of making customization of code you have to take risks for future work and updates itself. Seller in this case relieves its guarantee on the performance solutions and is ready to make a paid support for solutions.

If you have a strong need for addon o theme customization to suit your individual needs - contact us by email before payment order to info@alexbranding.com.

Updates policy

Our team regularly updates addons and templates (after the release of new versions of CS-Cart as well as the needs of our customers, adding new features and functionality). At the same time Buyer has the possibility to be updated before the end of updates subscription, in the case of completion of the subscription period, the Buyer has the option to renew his subscription for a fee. At the end of the subscription period updates are unavailable. All updates and information about them available at our addons manager  (special addon to be installed once on your CS-Cart store management panel).



All paid solutions are sold with detailed instructions for installation and use, but we are ready to make a buyout - consulting and training you to work with our solutions in a live chat or a demonstration screen or video recording solution works on your site.

If our solution after installation caused the problem or you get an error in the solution - address to our experts by mail info@alexbranding.com (but before applying, we recommend to study all cases of limitation of the Seller's liability below the text of the agreement).

If you need customization (changing the design, operation logic on an individual basis), please contact our specialists info@alexbranding.com mail, check the required number of hours before purchase solution (if you want to pay the cost of customization in one order with the solution) or after the purchase (you you will be able to purchase the required number of hours by individual purchase).

Limitation of liability of the Seller to the Buyer

Seller guarantees the work of his solutions under the terms of the agreement, however, the following limitations exist:

  • Seller guarantees the work of program modules and templates on not modified CS-Cart installations. Also, if the Buyer site has other third side software solutions (not included in the base CS-Cart) that conflict with sellers solution, it can require additional costs from the Buyer to solve the problems.
  • Seller can not guarantee the performance of his software solutions in cases, where they have been customized by yourself or with the involvement of third parties
  • While upgrading of a customized solution The buyer assumes full responsibility for the consequences for this updates 
  • the seller can guarantee the performance of his software solutions only on recommended by CS-Cart.com configurations and settings of servers as well as the presence of system resources, sufficient for the execution of the program code. The lack of resources of the server or the use of non-recommended server configurations is not a disadvantage of software solutions (addons)
  • The Seller guarantees the work of his solutions exclusively for the versions of CS-Cart, which declared as supported by descriptions of this solutions. 
  • In the event of release of a new stable version of CS-Cart AlexBranding team starts to adapt their solutions. At the same time we are not regulating accurate adaptation periods, but orient, it takes an objective amount of time due to the work on the adaptation and testing of code. If you need to be updated, you must have an active subscription period for updates. For solutions, the subscription period for which has expired, the possibility of updates is limited for a period as long as the Buyer does not prolong subscription to updates.
  • If you buy a solution without installation service, you will take over the job of correctly installed and are taking all the risks, associated with the effects from incorrect installation
  • In the event of detection a problem (bug) in the code of solution Seller guarantee the Buyer as soon as possible to fix the problem free of charge if it is not caused by the weights (configuration and server configuration, status of server resources, server version mismatch, conflict with other modules and templates, non-delivery of CS-Cart, customized core code). If after the analysis of the problem revealed that the problem was caused by the above weights, the Seller is entitled to demand compensation for the work on the analysis of the problem and its solutions. 
  • Free solutions (with zero cost) are provided "as is", you can solve problems with their use only on a fee basis for the consistent advance rates.

Refund policy

Before making a purchase, the Buyer must understand and accept the fact that the transaction means the opening by the seller of access to downloading an electronic product (software). The fact of opening access to downloading the product is a confirmation that the Seller has fulfilled its obligations. Immediately after this has happened, a return becomes impossible.

Buyer, buying a license to use software solutions, confirms that the decision is fully consistent with his needs based on the description (on the site cs-cart.alexbranding.com), the solution is compatible with the CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor core version, used by Buyer

Refunds are not provided for incompatibilities that can be tested using a demo (https://demos.abt.team/).

We will not issue refunds for digital products once the order has been completed and the product has been delivered (meaning it is available for download, depending on whether it is downloaded or not). There is no refund for services or any software that has been installed or opened for downloading/installing.

Ability to change Terms and conditions

AlexBranding reserves the right to change the terms of the sale and use of software solutions, presented on this site without notice. However, only a fixed date of the last changes.

Last modified 15.04.2022 г.