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Design Themes Enhance your appearance and functionality

Simply install and customize

Without programming and in a short time, you will improve the appearance of your store or marketplace for both desktop and mobile users to a level that your competitors haven't even dreamed of - the level of market leaders.

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Speed UP Modules Accelerate your store or marketplace to the maximum

4 add-ons in the package

Installing and configuring these add-ons will earn you additional points in Google PageSpeed Insights ratings, all without programming or altering page code!

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SEO add-ons get more organic traffic from search engines

15+ add-ons in one package

Developed as a result of technical integration into projects with CS-Cart SEO audits from the most experienced SEO teams, these modules, when installed and configured, will cover 90% of your SEO team's requirements. Your competitors will have no chance in search results.

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Dynamic Remarketing add-ons Drive traffic from advertising engines

4+ add-ons in one package

Using these modules, you can launch remarketing and product ads on Google and Facebook without special knowledge and without a line of code, generating sales without waiting for positions in search engines. Set up today - get your first sales today!

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4+ add-ons in one package

Configure the sale of products in bundles, cross-sells, complementary offers, and services to products, quickly increasing the average order value without the need to increase customer traffic to the site. Your customers will be satisfied, and your sales will grow!

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Our latest update releases

We are constantly working on preparing new versions of design themes and modules.

Why Choose Our Solutions?


We develop and maintain the coolest design themes for the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor platform. One of our themes, Unitheme2 - the official CS-Cart theme, is used to showcase its capabilities. For our team, this is a source of great pride and responsibility. All add-ons developed by the AB team are designed with consideration for modern design trends, adaptability, and UX/UI requirements. We strive to create user-friendly interfaces that bring savings, increased benefits, and profits to our customers.


Our developers provide all adaptation updates for add-ons and themes that become necessary with the release of new platform versions (changes in platform files may require module and theme adaptation). On the page of each of our solutions, there is a List of releases tab - review its contents, and you will see that some solutions have a history of 50+ releases over the entire period. Just imagine the effort it would take if you had to support (or with the help of your developer) such updates yourself.


Our design themes and modules are compatible with all available editions of the CS-Cart platform (both for stores and marketplaces). We support everything from the Free version of CS-Cart for stores to the top-tier multi-storefront Ultimate editions. We ensure the compatibility of all our modules without conflicts among themselves. We can guarantee that if you find a conflict with our modules, we will resolve it with the next update of the add-on causing the conflict.

Test Before Purchase

Before making a purchase, you can test all our solutions (both themes and modules) with access to the admin part on our demo service. We are confident in the quality of our products, so we provide you with the opportunity to install the required edition of the platform with any simultaneously installed modules and the selected theme. You can play with the settings, get a prototype that will make it easier for you to decide on the use of selected modules in your project.


All add-ons and design themes are thoroughly documented, with all functions detailed and illustrated. The installation, configuration, and update procedures are described in detail. Link to documentation service. Documentation for modules and themes is available based on the version used (if there is a difference in functionality and settings, it will be reflected in the documentation for the corresponding version).


Some of our developers have been professionally involved in eCommerce development for over 15 years. We are a technical partner of NETPEAK, the most advanced internet marketing agency. We know how to efficiently solve tasks of any complexity, understand the needs of customers, and have experience working with very large and highly visited projects with catalogs of over a million SKUs. Our team's release of ready-made solutions is finely tuned to the details.


We have invested several years of painstaking work by highly qualified developers, certified by CS-Cart, to get over 100 modules that expand the functionality of the platform, turning it into a powerful tool. By purchasing add-ons and themes authored by the AB team, you save tens of thousands of dollars on development and support, as you do not pay for the team independently but immediately gain access to the results of this work. Additionally, by purchasing add-ons in packages, you get a price of $15-20 for a technically complex module, for the development of which tens of thousands of dollars may have been spent historically.


We have been on the market for over 15 years, and some of our modules are almost the same age, which we continue to support over a long period, updating them from version to version of CS-Cart. We do not disappear anywhere; the add-on you purchase will be supported by a stable team, not a freelancer who can sell you a module with similar functionality cheaper and disappear at the most inconvenient moment, leaving you alone with the problems of their creation.

Technical Support

We use a model of limited technical support, which is described in more detail in the Support Terms. This model allows not to include a significant share in the module price, which could be spent on unlimited support. This model allows experienced and motivated users not to overpay when purchasing ready-made solutions, as it covers all possible problems, guaranteeing the ability to seek help and get it. Users who do not have experience and require training/consulting can purchase the Extended Technical Support service, receiving an individual approach and the necessary time from a specialist.


By purchasing our solution, you get to use a module or theme that is used by possibly thousands of motivated entrepreneurs worldwide. This is the best guarantee that, in case of a problem, it will have a mass character, and it will definitely be reported on the CS-Cart forum or our forum. Our team actively participates in the CS-Cart user and developer community, where we instantly accept feedback, including possible problems, reacting to them with help or releasing new versions.

Contact Us

For us, developing and supporting ready-made solutions for the CS-Cart platform is our main area of expertise (we do not do this in between work on client projects). You can always contact us during business hours; we will answer all your questions before purchase and help with any issues during use.