Project development and technical support services for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor from the AB team

Our team has a limited opportunity to take on the development and support of a project for permanent (not one-time) work. Our expertise and approach is a guarantee that you will certainly implement your ideas in a project that uses the CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor platform. We offer a corporate approach to solving your problems and customization services  in which you will not need to look for a missing developer - a freelancer who switched to another customer and stopped contacting you. Only certified CS-Cart developers are at your service. 

Do you have a CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor project? Looking for a developer and need a 100% result guarantee for customization services?

We are ready to hire a client with a need of 50-100 hours per month. What is 50-100 hours of our work? This is a replacement for hiring 3-4 developers on your staff and saving up to $10,000 per month.

Tasks that we can solve for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor:

  1. CS-Cart programming (development and refinement of add-ons, adaptations);
  2. complex integrations, optimizations;
  3. introduction of layout and design;
  4. any kind customization services;
  5. implementation of SEO audit;
  6. modification of ready-made design themes, their adaptation to your needs;
  7. updating old editions of the platform while maintaining functionality;
  8. complex technical maintenance.

We guarantee you best practices for programming and custom development:

Quality approach

We work strictly in accordance with CS-Cart development standards

  • We are able to update and maintain our clients' platforms even with complex changes and improvements;
  • We develop complex modules, integrations, mechanisms that work quickly even on very large directories;
  • We are ready to offer clients consulting, saving money to achieve results in a more optimal way.

Speed of implementation

According to feedback from other customers: a few hours of our developers replace 2 hired developers

  • We implement custom design in 50 hours;
  • We implement a full-fledged SEO audit in 20-30 hours;
  • We develop a delivery add-on in 40-50 hours;
  • We develop a payment add-on for 40-50 hours;
  • We can develop a turnkey project in 100-200 hours.


All our team members are certified CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor developers, we work with platform since 2011

  • We have developed and supported for 5 years the two most popular themes for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor;
  • Our theme Unitheme2 is official theme that represents CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor platforms;
  • We have developed and support 70+ add-ons which are used by 10000+ clients worldwide.

100% guarantee of task completion

Tasks of any scale, any complexity

  • We are able to solve problems of any complexity;
  • We are involved as much as possible in your task in order to solve it;
  • We will definitely implement all your ideas to the end, if you can describe them properly;
  • We will not take on a task if we see that it has no solution

100% development budget control

Yes, you can be 100% sure that your planned budget will not be exceeded.

  • Set your task in as much detail as possible;
  • Answer all questions from our developers;
  • Get an estimate of the cost of work, which will not change without changing the source data of the task;
  • Don't blow your budget;

Send us a development request:

Our English-speaking project manager will enter into negotiations with you (Zoom, Google meet, Skype are possible), clarify all the details and estimate the cost of the work.