Web scraping for e-commerce product data extraction (import) in CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

Our team has a technical solution and expertise that allows us to make websites scraping of your competitors, suppliers, or distributors, accumulate, analyze, and transfer this data to your CS-Cart project.

What products and e-commerce data can we scrap from other sites and transfer to yours?

Answer - any product data, whether it's product names, descriptions, images, features, prices, availability, promotions - and everything else that exists on the product page.

What types of websites can we parse:

Almost any e-commerce site based on any CMS or proprietary platform:

- Online stores;

- Marketplaces;

- Price aggregators with price offerings from different sellers.

Tasks we can solve with parsing for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor:

  1. Web scraping of products to fill (initially or with periodic data updates) an online store or marketplace;
  2. Migration to CS-Cart  (Store Builder or Multi-Vendor) from another e-commerce platform (CMS) with saving of SEO;
  3. Matching your products with competitor products based on AI algorithms and more (intelligent matching);
  4. Competitive price monitoring;
  5. Dynamic pricing based on supplier prices, recommended retail prices, and competitor prices (using formulas).

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