Support conditions from Alexbranding team

In order to contact our technical support:

  1. On, log in with your order owner account;
  2. Go to My Account -> Orders;
  3. Find the corresponding order with the problem addon in the list of orders and go into its details (click on Go to the installation of the addon (s) link for order);
  4. Find the “Support” link next to the corresponding addon name (near you can find Documentation link also) and click on it;
  5. Fill in the data with the problem, provide access to your CS-Cart installation (the path to the admin panel, admin mail, admin password + FTP access) and create a ticket (after you create a ticket, you will receive an e-mail and a special code to track the ticket in the future);
  6. Wait for the answer of the specialist in accordance with the regulations of the technical support service and the priority of your ticket;
  7. If you did not receive an answer within the deadlines, according chosen ticket priority, email with the ticket number, for which you did not receive an answer in time, and the manager of the team will solve the problem of compliance with regulations.

Points and cost of technical support

Each solution from the alexbranding team is sold with a proportional to price number of points for technical support. Points for technical support is an internal unit of time accounting to help the client. Buying our modules and solutions, you buy an additional amount of time to help from technical support.

The cost of any paid addon consists of the cost of the module and the cost of technical support, which we put into the sales price in the form of points, received by the client with addon.

An example for understanding:

  • The addon costs $50 (at this price you buy the module)
  • Cost of the module $40 (without support price)
  • The included support cost is $10 (10 points of technical support, which corresponds to 20 minutes of specialist work - yes, for us this time will be enough to handle your problem with addon, if it exists)

Rules of technical support with points:

  • Free addons do not contain points for technical support
  • Turning on any issue to our team, we charge you 10 technical support points. In the event, that you claim a bug, we will not reduce your point balance.
  • Points from different purchases of modules are accumulated
  • Points can not be used for other client needs, except for solving technical problems with Alexbranding solutions
  • You can buy the number of points you need
  • You can not contact technical support, if there are no points on the personal balance (the client may be denied assistance by technical support with a current balance below 10 points)
  • If the question asked by the client requires more points, than the client has, and the problem is not a bug of the module or alexbranding template, the technical support specialist can write off the number of points, required to solve the problem at his discretion from the calculation: 10 points = 20 minutes of work

Table - Points and priority of assistance

Priority Time for an answer The number of points, to be written off depending on the priority and time of assistance
20 min of assistance 40 min of assistance 60 min of assistance
Not urgently 7 days 10 20 30
Important 2 days 15 30 45
Operativelly 8 hrs 20 40 60

All time-limits are in working days (without hollidays). Our working time - Mon - Fri 9-00 - 18-00 (+2 GMT)

  • If the client does not have the necessary number of points to solve the problem, then the tech support specialist can refuse the client in solving the problem (if this problem is not a solution bug).
  • The study of the problem and the solution of the problem can be evaluated and made by separate scores of points from the user account (for example: 10 points of the problem study, 20 points - problem solving)
  • The technical support specialist evaluates at his own discretion the number of scores for writing-off (the client, turning to the technical support with the ticket agrees with such conditions: our specialists work based on the hourly rate for solving the problem or its investigation and not for the actual time spent)
  • Points for technical support can be returned to the user if the problem is recognized as a bug solution.

How to check the balance and movement of points on your balance:

Autorize on the, go to My Account >

How to purchase additional points

Purchase of points is possible by link. Choose in the cart the required number of points (hours).

Problems that can not be recognized as a solution bug from alexbranding:

  • CS-Cart platform problem
  • The function not indicated in the description of the solution
  • Conflict of several solutions in one installation (using the same hooks modules or the conflict of overrides)
  • The performance problem in the client system (server settings, server limitations, software versions, excessively large data in DB)
  • Problems when using not the latest version of the solution
  • Incorrect update, problems as a result of updates.
  • Improper use of the module

Technical support does not solve the following issues:

  • Customer training (technical support is not a training center, the purpose of technical support is bugs fixing in the work on a pure unchanged CS-Cart platform)
  • Development and customization (invite an experienced integrator to solve similar problems)
  • Conjugation of alexbranding solutions for working with conflicting modules (override conflict) - invite an experienced integrator to solve similar problems (in this case, the task of technical support - point to the module that provokes the problem)

Changes to the technical support conditions:

These terms and conditions of technical support for users can be changed unilaterally by the team without any coordination or informing users. Date of last change of conditions 26.10.2017.