Add-on - Dynamic Facebook and Instagram ads (pixel + product feed)

This addon is designed to run retargeting in the advertising systems of Facebook and Instagram. Technically addon extends another addon ...
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This addon is designed to run retargeting in the advertising systems of Facebook and Instagram.

Technically addon extends another addon Advanced Product Export (documentation link) adding product feed template with supported format and adds analytic part (pixel) of user activity tracking in your store.

Pixel tracks the following user behaviour events:

  • ViewContent - product view (quick view and product page view);
  • AddToCart - add product to cart;
  • InitiateCheckout - view checkout page;
  • Purchase - order create (full checkout and buy in 1 click);
  • AddToWishlist - add product to wishlist;
  • Search - use products search.
  • PageView - all pages.

Addons works in pair with Advanced Product Export) only

CS-Cart type:
  • CS-Cart Ultimate (or CS-Cart)
  • CS-Cart Multivendor
Functionality purpose:
  • Integrations
  • Marketing
СS-Cart version compatibility:
  • 4.5.1
  • 4.5.2
  • 4.6.1
  • 4.6.2
  • 4.6.3
  • 4.7.1
  • 4.7.2
  • 4.7.3
  • 4.7.4
  • 4.8.1
  • 4.8.2
  • 4.9.1
  • 4.9.2
  • 4.9.3
  • 4.10.1
  • 4.10.2
  • 4.10.3
  • 4.10.4
  • 4.11.1
  • 4.11.2
  • 4.11.3
  • 4.11.4
  • 4.11.5
  • 4.12.1
  • 4.12.2
  • 4.13.1
  • 4.13.2
  • 4.13.3
  • 4.14.1
Enabled update period:
  • 6 months (a paid renewal is available upon expiration)

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  • Help in solving bugs and problems
  • Release of versions, that support new versions of CS-Cart as well as fixing bugs and issues
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Release #8
v1.6.0 from 19-Jan-2021
New features and improvements:
[+] Added compatibility with CS-Cart 4.12.1.
[+] Added Ukrainian language support.
[+] Added privileges for managing help view.

Functionality changes:
[*] "AB: Advanced Product Export (xml and csv formats)" add-on. The template has been adapted to the basic add-on 3.8.0 version.

Bug fixes:
[!] Prices were inserting into a feed with default currency, and not with currency is set in the datafeed. Fixed.
Release #7
v1.5.1 from 21-Nov-2019
Functionality changes:
[*] Was added PHP-hook `ab__pfe05_is_valid_event`, which allows for other addons allow or deny sending some specific events;

Bug fixes:
[!] When the checkbox "Show shipping cost and time on product pages" of the addon "Maps and geolocation" was checked, it sent extra addToCart events. Fixed.
Release #6
v1.5.0 from 24-Oct-2019
New features and improvements:
[+] Added tracking of adding product to cart.
[+] Added tracking of adding product to wishlist.
[+] Added tracking of products search.
[+] Added tracking of quick view product.
[+] Added tracking of buying in 1 click.
[+] Added ability to export `product_type` field.
Release #5
v1.4.0 from 25-Mar-2019
+ added connector for further updates;
Release #4
v1.3 from 14-Jun-2018
Release #3
v1.2 from 14-Jan-2018
Release #2
v1.1 from 12-Dec-2017
Release #1
v1.0 from 15-Nov-2017