Implementing design changes in Unitheme2 (custom development)

Implementation of any changes in the design and layout of pages while maintaining the possibility of further updates of the platform and theme from developers is the best solution with a guaranteed result

Please choose an option: you will prepare the design yourself or our designer will draw them before implementation. Without a preliminary design, we do not implement changes.
Select the category of complexity of the proposed changes (to determine this option, refer to the description of the service or contact our specialists for advice)
The number of hours of development, programming of the missing functionality when introducing changes to the theme design
​Please provide us a link on a Google docs file with all needed design changes.

You like design, functionality and speed of Unitheme2, but you need changes to fit your business specifics?

No problem, we are ready to help you. We have all resources to give you full list of services to get desired changes with a fixed budget.

Design changes difficulty category - how to determine what type do you need?

  • First category of difficulty - this type of works includes changing styles of elements and blocks, adding new fonts, changing fonts sizes, adding custom color scheme, logo adapting and another work for styles adapting to customers brand needs;
  • Second category of difficulty - This type of works includes change of pages templates and all works from previous category difficulty;
  • Third category of difficulty - this type of works includes deep changes of layouts (adding custom layout for example) and all works from previous categories of difficulty.

We can help you to choose needed changes difficulty - just senв us well described task.

How can I know if I need programming to change the design for my assignment?

If your task for changes has some elements or blocks that do not exist in the base delivery of the platform CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor and in the layouts of Unitheme2 - then this is a sign that programming (custom development services) will also be required to implement the desired in the design.

We can help you to choose needed number of hours - just senв us well described task.

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