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Add-ons for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

Allows you to implement the missing functionality for SEO, saving a lot of time and money. Advantage of the package - all addons from package do not require integration for collaboration (frequent problem, when using solutions from several developers).

The most correct SEO solution for search promotion of filter and filter combination pages. Addon was developed with technical assistance by SEO specialists.

Adds possibility to create special All categories page and landing page for any category with subcategories.

Add-on allows to get extended view and functionality for promotions of your store. It guarantees to increase sales at your online store and efficiency of each promotion.

Adds possibility to generate meta tags and headers for category, product and content pages by extended templates with placeholders support.

This mini addon automatically register tags alt and title to all the pictures of the goods on the store pages, based on the names of the goods. This is one of the most frequently sought-after items are worked through after SEO audit any Internet - shop.

Addon gives you xml sitemap according Google standards.

This addon solves the big SEO problem in CS-Cart - it prohibits the presence of “technical” pages in the index of search engines they do not carry a semantic load for the user, but serve only for official, technical purposes store.)

This mini addon will protect your online content from copying by another sites. Your product descriptions remain unique and you reduce the risk of sanctions by the search engines.

Addon helps to promote in search engines categories pages. It provides more text content, wich can be placed on a limited page space in extra tabs. 

Ad-don generates alternative product short description based on product features and their values.

Addon adds all needed seo attributes for pages, created by tags, and seo names (good links for Search Engines), that will love this pages, and tag auto-assignment to products by rules.

Allows you to speed up page loading, reduce load, get the best score for Google PageSpeed Insights.

Preload add-on is designed to meet the requirements of the Google search engine in terms of preloading files of used fonts and images when loading store pages, due to which the site receives additional points in assessing the loading speed according to Google PageSpeed Insights, which becomes very important when fine-tuning the site's loading speed.

Adds possibility to manage H1 header without name changing for such entities: product categories, products, brands, pages, blog posts. It is needed for cases with SEO tuning. 

Adds new features necessary for SEO promotion and UI improvement of filter pages for features with the Brand Purpose and also its variants (Brands, Authors, Collections).

Adds possibility to hide content of blocks and parts of templates from the bots, save resources of your server, makes pages code more clear for search engines.

Provides automatic converting of images used on site pages to the new WebP format and also gives these images to browsers supporting the technology,  improves page loading speed.

Allows you to add SEO optimized headings for product tabs on product pages using  templates and product name placeholder.

The add-on is included in the  SpeedUP add-ons package for CS-Cart projects  (supplied free of charge as part of the package)). The add-on allows, when loading a website page by a browser, to postpone the loading of images of this page at the point in time when they are...

Increases search traffic for the site, opening up opportunities for the store to participate in search results for queries such as "Product group - reviews" based on available product reviews.

Allows to perform search promotion of the store or marketplace by cities. Search promotion can be done as massive as particular for special pages suitable for a full control for all attributes of the page.

Extends the standard CS-Cart Blog module, adding to it the functionality necessary to attract more search traffic and improving user engagement.