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Add-ons for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

Adds possibility to create special All categories page and landing page for any category with subcategories.

Adds new variant of banners - among products on category page (right in the product grid).

Addon helps to promote in search engines categories pages. It provides more text content, wich can be placed on a limited page space in extra tabs. 

Ad-don generates alternative product short description based on product features and their values.

The most technologically advanced implementation of "Stickers for products" functionality that does not harm SEO, does not degrade page load speed indicators, and improves behavioral factors and user engagement.

Adds an extra navigation block for any sections of the store (including custom links) without being tied to the store structure (based on custom menus with the desired structure). Thanks to the well-developed interface capabilities for PC and mobile devices, the depth of site views will be much higher, the buyer is guaranteed to find the desired product in the right section and make a purchase.

The add-on is included in the  SpeedUP add-ons package for CS-Cart projects  (supplied free of charge as part of the package)). The add-on allows, when loading a website page by a browser, to postpone the loading of images of this page at the point in time when they are...