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Add-ons for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

Allows you to speed up page loading, reduce load, get the best score for Google PageSpeed Insights.

Preload add-on is designed to meet the requirements of the Google search engine in terms of preloading files of used fonts and images when loading store pages, due to which the site receives additional points in assessing the loading speed according to Google PageSpeed Insights, which becomes very important when fine-tuning the site's loading speed.

Adds possibility to hide content of blocks and parts of templates from the bots, save resources of your server, makes pages code more clear for search engines.

Provides automatic converting of images used on site pages to the new WebP format and also gives these images to browsers supporting the technology,  improves page loading speed.

The add-on is included in the  SpeedUP add-ons package for CS-Cart projects  (supplied free of charge as part of the package)). The add-on allows, when loading a website page by a browser, to postpone the loading of images of this page at the point in time when they are...