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Add-ons for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor

Adds new variant of banners - among products on category page (right in the product grid).

Add-on allows to get extended view and functionality for promotions of your store. It guarantees to increase sales at your online store and efficiency of each promotion.

The addon allows you to output phrases in the search field with the simulation of the human typing, it is possible to manage phrases at the category level + the general set of phrases for the entire site.

Adds a new block to the product detailed page, with configurable blocks of content, the purpose of which is to motivate the user to make a purchase.

The most technologically advanced implementation of "Stickers for products" functionality that does not harm SEO, does not degrade page load speed indicators, and improves behavioral factors and user engagement.

Extends native CS-Cart buy together functionality with combinations generator and  management pages, adds new UI for combinations that sells more.

Adds optimized for best usability image previewers, adjusts conversions level for product pages.

The add-on uses and extends the functionality of product comparison and wishlist in the CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor platform for Up-sell.

The add-on is an integration of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor with the smart search service, which offers such advantages as working with: transliteration; misprints; layout; morphology; synonyms; history. A demo of on a CS-Cart installation is...