YOUPI - premium theme for CS-Cart

YOUPI is the second premium theme from the Alexbranding team, created the most technologically advanced for projects, in which the owner expects the maximum...
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Special addons packages, that pump your store to the full power !!!!

10 addons with a huge discount, which, after installation, will provide you with functionality for professional promotion, which does not have analogues even for other platforms (the modules are closely interrelated, complementing the functionality of each other and do not conflict)

These addon will increase the number of orders due to the processing of "lazy" customers

Included support: 30 points

YOUPI is the second premium theme from the Alexbranding team, created the most technologically advanced for projects, in which the owner expects the maximum return and is ready to use the most modern solutions of influencing the buyer.

YOUPI is not just a template for CS-Cart, it's a software package, that makes the platform (without that powerful) the most effective in terms of sales, SEO, technology and usability, informative and responsive on different devices, including mobile.

The basic concept of YOUPI is the creation of a kind of hybrid online and offline store, where the user receives high-quality advice and assistance in choosing products, necessary for him (previously it was very difficult to do, and now this is a reality), the shop maximally involves the user in the commodity lists through an innovative system, allowing to display information blocks (banners with various types of information) right in the product grid. The design is created in such a way, that the user is completely immersed in the choice of the goods and nothing hinders him, but only helps. Further, having made an informed choice, the buyer goes to the product card, where the store "loads" the buyer with suitable additional products, supplementing his needs, maximizing your check.

General advantages of the YOUPI theme:

  1. It is built on the latest e-commerce trends of the end of 2017 (everything is taken into account: from the wide using of media (video clips can be used on all types of pages in the most unexpected places), to maximize the effective system of informing the buyer, to stimulate him to buy and increase the average check)
  2. Developed with the participation of experts in the field of SEO and usability (only planning took about 3 months)
  3. It takes into account the expanded needs of an advanced entrepreneur for a modest budget (a similar independent development of such visual and functional will pull the budget from $ 10,000)
  4. It can be installed very quickly, as a single complex (modular structure)
  5. Built according to the CS-Cart development paradigm, the template is a child for the basic Responsive theme, so you can use CS-Cart development or customizations in one CS-Cart style
  6. Served and developed by a team that is almost 10 years on the market of CS-Cart developments
  7. The complex can be extended with a package of add-ons Cross and Up sell (modules that help sell more)
  8. There is an opportunity to quickly expand by the SEO package (from the theme developers team)
  9. The total cost of the YOUPI addons, included in the delivery, is in several times higher, than the cost for the buyer (saving !!!)

Technical details

List of CS-Cart addons, that are included in the delivery of YOUPI

  1. AB: Addons Manager
  2. AB: YoupiTheme
  3. AB: Deal of the day (the documentation)
  4. AB: Multiple category descriptions (the documentation)
  5. AB: Video gallery for product (the documentation)
  6. AB: Landing pages for categories (the documentation)
  7. AB: Scroll to top
  8. AB: Motivational block (the documentation)

When buying YOUPI, you do not need to pay the cost of these modules separately (all included).

Features implemented directly in YOUPI (except modules)

  1. System for display of information blocks in the product grid (banners with information and promo content among products)
  2. Microdata for all estore cases, that needed by SE
  3. Two kinds of functional menus (vertical and horizontal)
  4. Effective filters
  5. Advanced store blog (video and a selection of products for the post)
  6. Tabs for blocks (including SEO and speed optimization)
  7. Full adaptivity
  8. Improvements for working with wholesale offers
  9. The most convenient pagination with the loading of products by the button click (Show more)
  10. Fully configurable pages of the product lists and product detailed pages (through the settings you can determine, what to show, that there is not)
  11. Material icons are embedded in the template as a font (loaded from the Google font library)
  12. The ability to control the colors of template elements via the admin panel
  13. Effective built-in color schemes
  14. The template is adapted to work on very large monitors as well

Infoblocks in the product grid - a combination of online and offline trading in one place - automation of advisory work

The basis of the template is the work with the information blocks - banners in the product grid, which can have different sizes (1x, 2x cells in the grid) and positions in the list of products (a visual control system for placing banners in the admin part is designed for management). Such blocks are managed at the level of each category and any block with a list of products with extra template for grid. All elements of the information block are managed through the admin panel (not "dead images", but typed with managed texts on the banner)

You can use the following types of content to create an information block:

  1. custom content (custom link) - the advanced banner designer is used
  2. promo-action (in the banner will be added a countdown counter before the end of the promotion)
  3. article blog with video (in the banner will be added a video launch icon)

In the banner settings, you can specify how to open it: in a new tab, in a new window, !!! in the pop-up window (if it's important not to move user's from page)

This system opens up simply incredible opportunities for using consultations directly in the listing of products: users no longer pay attention to standard banners in the expected places and promises directly in commodity tiles are working, this is a trend solution.

Well, now examples of using the content inside the blocks (inside the product grid are created blocks with graphics, text and button, leading to different content, that can be opened directly above the current content):

  1. Clothes - you create an article in a blog that shows how to look fashionable, insert a video from a fashion show, make a description and associate the products, that can be used to achieve such a bow (and a fashionista on one page sees the entire set that she must buy , so to look or appear).
  2. Furniture and technology - create successful themed interiors in blog articles and show the goods that were used in them (each article is its own set of products, it's like the ideas of interiors in the furniture catalog !!!)
  3. Product ratings and recommendations - in each category, create advice from experts on the selection of goods with the display of these goods in the list
  4. Cosmetics and care products - create an article "How I remain young in my 70 from famous star" and attach the recommended remedies that she uses.
  5. Handmade and the like - Article how to do it yourself "something" with the video process - and a block of goods, you will need the following products

Such examples can create an infinite number. This functionality will automate the process of advisory sales, which was previously considered impossible for Internet trading! Use your expertise 1 time for thousands of sales.

The more you make such inclusions, the more interesting your catalog will be, more time the user will spend in it, more purchases will do.

Designer of live media banners

Imagine, that you can create and do any changes in banners without a designer. Yes, you do not need to ask the designer to change the price, correct the text in the image. The designer of live banners allows you to create a professional banner in just a few minutes (right in the admin area of the store) using the usual field management interface. You can use in banner:

  1. picture
  2. background (can be an image or a gradient)
  3. !!! Video !!!
  4. Header
  5. Text description
  6. Button (button text and link)

Also you can specify styles and design for all elements of the banner or use the built-in presets for the already thought-out placement of elements. This is the best solution for operational management of advertising banners of the store from the available on the market.

After installing the template, you can download demo banners automatically and work with the already created demo content, which will speed up the development and integration.

Microdata (a complete set for an online store has already been implemented)

Youpi by default gives on all pages the micro-markup, which is necessary for the online store: the markup of the organization (the field designer), the markup of the product (+ reviews and ratings, brand and images to standard markup), bread crumbs.

Using of microdata improves indexing, influences search results and the clickability of a site in search results due to the use of extended descriptions of pages in snippets.

Used transmission technology JSON-LD (universally readed by all search engines without errors).

Vertical and horizontal mega menu for any type of project

The Yopi theme extends the possibilities of the basic menu, creating from it 2 variants of effective mega menu:

  1. The ability to use icons for the elements of the first level menu
  2. The ability to use custom labels (New, Sale, Promo ... any labels) with a custom style
  3. The ability to use custom html content in the menu (banners, logos of top brands, other content at your discretion)
  4. "sticky" menu is fixed, when scrolling down the page

The horizontal menu has additional adaptation and the ability to place in an unlimited number of elements of the first level (the mechanism of scrolling the next batch of points on the scroller principle is implemented). Now stores with a large category structure can use the horizontal menu without problems.

Advanced CS-Cart blog

YOUPI extends the standard CS-Cart blog:

  1. the opportunity to attach a video clip from YouTube to post
  2. the opportunity to attach a selection of products to the post

Thus, you get a "machine" for the content promotion of your store. Create a blog post, attach a video and a selection of recommended products and get a recommendation, that can be shown by the banner in the category (for which it is made) then this is a guaranteed sale. Since in fact this is a consultation - a recommendation, the same, as in an offline store, only its advantage is that, you create it once and it works thousands of times. This is an unprecedented efficiency!

These recommendations are well done for specific search queries, then you get more organic traffic from search engines and guaranteed sales growth.

Tabs for blocks

Editing of settings of the section in layouts, you can make, that all the blocks, that are in this section, will be displayed in tabs (YOPI uses this mechanism on the main page).

Special mode allows you to save your resources, because when you load a page, the tab data is obtained only when you request a tab display.

This allows you to display a lot of content on the pages, but spend a little resources.

Adaptability and 100% responsiveness on different devices

A distinctive feature of the YOUPI template is work on all possible devices from 320 pix of the phone to the widest PC screens.

This provides excellent conversion rates for stores, that use it.

Working with wholesale prices

The theme improves the native work of CS-Cart with wholesale prices, optionally showing in the list the availability of the wholesale price for products in list. This approach allows you to squeeze the maximum of sales from products lists: the user is always interested in the minimum price - this is a natural desire of the buyer to save. YOPI uses this factor to maximize the user's involvement: already in the catalog, he sees that he can save a hell of a lot by purchasing a certain amount of goods (and just 1 click to view the wholesale conditions).

Images Lazy load in products lists

YOUPI can download images after page will be shown to user, it speeds up categories pages.

The "More" button for the content in the product card

In the product tab management, YOUPI adds a new option for the tab - Hide part of the contents of the tab. This option allows you to flexibly include the "More" or "More Details" button, by clicking on which the full content of the tab is displayed.

Сonditions and limitations of liability, concerning the work of the theme:

  1. Developers guarantee the correct working of the theme on a non changed CS-Cart installations with all recommended settings (styles, layouts, blocks, required addons), changing any states can entail additional work from the integrator.
  2. In the CS-Cart system, addons are developed for themes, and not themes for addons !!! If the module tears at you design, then it's a question to the addon, not the theme. Contact the developer of the module to provide support for the theme (he will be able to declare his support for the module of the popular template after the adaptation and his sales will increase)
  3. Guarantee support for highly customized templates is not implemented by the developer.
  4. Technical support for the template is only for the most recent versions (the latest versions produce fixes for problems of the previous versions)
  5. Before installing the theme, disable all third-party addons and modifications, get the demo theme to fully match, and then proceed to step-by-step activation of third-party addons.
  6. Always test work, updates and other changes on the dev version of the store. When ordering, specify an additional subdomain for testing the work of the theme on the dev version (it's free) (just specify it through a comma along with the primary working domain).
  7. The best solution for updates, if you are not an experienced integrator, is deleting the old version (with cleaning the repositories of the modules and templates to be deleted) and installing a new version (!!!! allways do backups for DB and files of your store).
  8. Use the theme only on those domains, that are inscribed in the license (do not violate the license terms).
CS-Cart type:
  • CS-Cart
  • CS-Cart Ultimate (or CS-Cart)
  • CS-Cart Multivendor
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Plus
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Ultimate
СS-Cart version compatibility:
  • 4.6.1
  • 4.6.2
  • 4.6.3
  • 4.7.1
  • 4.7.2
  • 4.7.3
  • 4.7.4
  • 4.8.1
  • 4.8.2
  • 4.9.1
  • 4.9.2
  • 4.9.3
  • 4.10.1
  • 4.10.2
  • 4.10.3
  • 4.10.4
  • 4.11.2
  • 4.11.3
  • 4.11.4
Enabled update period:
  • 6 months (a paid renewal is available upon expiration)
Хороший шаблон. Немного поработал над внешним видом, под себя. Сэкономил много времени. - ссылка на мой сайт.
Шаблон оправдал наши ожидания, особенно его возможности в применении фильтров. Докупили комплект SEO модулей. Объем ручной работы по продвижению сайта уменьшился на 90%
В настоящее время наш сайт находиться в стадии наполнения, но уже сейчас виден еженедельный рост позиций и посещаемости.
Love the YOUPI theme. Great Features and easy to use.
Если находитесь в раздумьях брать или не брать данный шаблон - отбросьте все свои сомнения. Брать нужно. Шаблон отрабатывает себя на все 300%. Просто бомба со всем внутренним функционалом

Есть 2 магазина на битриксе, до этого ставил шаблон Юни. Юпи всем дает под зад. Такой конверсии я еще не видел. Модуль окупил себя за 1 день. А зная ребят - уверен, шаблон еще будет прибавлять

This is a very strong theme !

Might be the future standard for a Cs-cart theme.

People might say it's pricy but all in all this is a theme with so many possibilities !

There are some good points that I like to point out:

- SEO addons are really usefull with the possibility of import/export through csv which is quite usefull.

- Cross & upsell which seems basic but is really well built into the theme.

- Design is easy to customize.

- Really impressed with the product view !

- Support is great !

-Mobile version is perfect : menu, product views, categories views, ...

Few improvements that could make this theme the best killer theme would be for tremendous stores:

- Import export for all addons (Banner in product listing with positions, cross & upsell, ...) I've stores with more than 600 categories each which make management easier through csv import export.

- fixes the small bugs remaining but that is already on it's way so ... Nothing to add there.

- For navigation through category, I do believe that something could be done here to improve it a little bit further. The current version is good but not clear enought for me

Thanks for your work guys !

Не совместим с AB: UniTheme!!! Можно включить только один из двух. И нигде об этом не заявлено (пропустил?)! А между тем нужна поддержка сразу двух - на одной витрине один, на другой другой, магазины не клоны и все довольны!
А как будет работать с MultiVender ?
Давайте уже демку, нужно пощупать шедевр))
А на шаблон взглянуть то можно?
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Internet supermarket for the sale of ideal dishes and kitchen utensils from the most famous brands. The project was implemented on the basis of the innovative, premium template Youpi for CS-Cart.

Internet shop of Apple's original technology, gadgets and accessories at affordable prices. The project was implemented by the customer independently, based on the innovative, premium template Youpi for CS-Cart. - official store of Hurom. Sphere of activity - juicers, home furnishings, food and cosmetics. The project was implemented on the basis of the best UniTheme theme for CS-Cart.

The first online hypermarket of musical instruments and equipment in Belarus! The project was implemented on the basis of the innovative, popular template YoupiTheme for CS-Cart.

Official in Russia online store WESCO - bright, stylish products for home and cuisine from Germany. The project was implemented on the basis of the latest, premium template YoupiTheme for CS-Cart.

"Lights of the House" Internet-shop of lighting devices for the house, office and dacha. The project was implemented on the basis of the popular, premium template YoupiTheme for e-Commerce platform CS-Cart.

E-shop of elite and professional cosmetics and perfumery. The project was implemented on the basis of the innovative, popular theme "Youpi" for CS-Cart.

Online store with a large assortment of carpets - Сarpetmall. The project was implemented on the basis of the innovative, popular template YoupiTheme for CS-Cart.

Internet store AMARA - the best products for your house! The project was implemented on the basis of the innovative, premium theme Youpi for e-commerce platform CS-Cart.

All buyers of UniTheme template we offer a discount on the package (discount on the purchase of a package of modules is made up by more than 50%)

SEO addons package - 249$

full addons price from package — from 580$

It greatly enhances the SEO capabilities of CS-Cart and increase the attractiveness of the store pages for search engines. All modules are tailored to meet the requirements of SEO studios with huge experience in promoting of the estores. The package includes the following addons:

  1. SEO pages for filters

    Must have add-on!!! Add possibility to promote any filters page
  2. SEOhide

    Adds possibility to make correctly distribution of the link weight
  3. Custom Н1 header for categories pages

    Adds possibility to change the Н1 header without renaming of the category
  4. Short description for products from features

    Automatic generation of descriptions + relinking with SEO filters addon
  5. Multiple category descriptions

    Позволяет Rich the best level of content optimization for categories pages
  6. Noindex for technical pages

    Closes some pages from SE index
  7. SEO for tags pages

    Adds SEO management for tags pages
  8. Advanced Sitemap for CS-Cart

    Adds several sitemaps with one index file (images map, seo filters map, etc).
  9. Auto alt and title tags for product images

    Automatically adds unique tags alt and title to all the pictures with templates on store pages.
  10. New!!! Advanced Meta tags templates

    Adds possibility to generate meta tags and title headers with advanced templates.

Pack completion is expected (+ automatic relinking + !!!)

What you get as a result - a complete set of tools to promote your store, which has no your competitors. Flawless appearance + adaptability + SEO = success of your project.

SPEEDup Package - 400$

Price without discount — from 500$

It is a service of preparation of your project and the server for maximum speed page generation, high performance and security. The service is provided by professional sytem administrator with extensive experience in configuring and optimizing servers for CS-Cart projects.

Package CS-CART SPEEDup includes the following services:

  1. Performance audit

    For already working projects - it allows us to understand that places requires optimization
  2. Consulting on the server selection for the project

    We can recommend a solution that will suit your store
  3. Setting up a server

    The specialist will install the software from scratch
  4. Server security

    Carrying out procedures to ensure the security of the server software
  5. Connecting ssl

    Store Transfer to work with https
  6. Server settings optimizing

    Fine tuning the server for maximum performance
  7. Exclusive сaching add-on

    Our development! Increases the speed of CS-Cart store in many times

What you will get as a result - maximum performance, security, instant loading of the pages, the ability to further support the professional server administrator.

AB dev team guarantees limited technical support to customers through its own technical support system. In order to use the technical support, authorize on the site and click the "Support" button.

Support includes:

  • Author's answers to the technical questions of the work of the solution
  • Help in solving bugs and problems
  • Release of versions, that support new versions of CS-Cart as well as fixing bugs and issues

Support does not include:

  • Customization services
  • Installation services
  • Adaptation services for working with third-party solutions and modules
  • Update services



A complete list of technical support conditions look here