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Full integration of Ukrposhta delivery for CS-Cart stores.
Included support: 30 points

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Full integration of Ukrposhta delivery for CS-Cart stores.

CS-Cart type:
  • CS-Cart Store Builder Free
  • CS-Cart Store Builder Plus
  • CS-Cart Store Builder Ultimate
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Standard
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Plus
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Ultimate
СS-Cart version compatibility:
  • 4.12.2
  • 4.13.1
  • 4.13.2
  • 4.13.3
  • 4.14.1
  • 4.14.2
  • 4.14.3
  • 4.15.1
  • 4.15.2
  • 4.16.1
  • 4.16.2
  • 4.17.1
  • 4.17.2

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AB dev team guarantees limited technical support to customers through its own technical support system. In order to use the technical support, authorize on the site and click the "Support" button.

Support includes:
  • Author's answers to the technical questions of the work of the solution
  • Help in solving bugs and problems
  • Release of versions, that support new versions of CS-Cart as well as fixing bugs and issues
Support does not include:
  • Customization services
  • Installation services
  • Adaptation services for working with third-party solutions and modules
  • Update services



A complete list of technical support conditions look here

Release #12
v1.3.5 from 28-Sep-2022
New features and improvements:
[+] On the checkout page for mobile warehouses, added display of an inhabited locality on the map.

Bug fixes:
[!] Ukrposhta branches were not updated correctly. Fixed.
Release #11
v1.3.4 from 30-Apr-2022
Bug fixes:
[!] API requests finished with an error. Fixed.
Release #10
v1.3.3 from 13-Oct-2021
Bug fixes:
[!] Shipping setting "Payment of the post-payment by recipient" worked unproperly. Fixed.
Release #9
v1.3.2 from 03-Sep-2021
Bug fixes:
[!] On the checkout page selected post office was not moved to the top of list. Fixed.
Release #8
v1.3.1 from 26-Jul-2021
Bug fixes:
[!] PHP notice could occur on the checkout page when no city was mentioned. Fixed.
[!] Added shipment seats manually, in the creation of EW form, weren't used when creating document. Fixed.
[!] On the editing order page with created EW, button "Delete EW" was displayed when there were privilages to view and there were no provilages to edit data.
Release #7
v1.3.0 from 28-May-2021
New features and improvements:
[+] Added possibility to create shipment with multiple slots.
Release #6
v1.2.1 from 15-Apr-2021
Bug fixes:
[!] On the checkout page for some localities was no available post offices. Fixed.
Release #5
v1.2.0 from 15-Apr-2021
Running Cron-task by http-link has been disabled. If you used such format, change Cron-task into a running console command.

New features and improvements:
[+] Removed the add-on setting "Cron-key". Cron task can be executed at console mode only.

Functionality changes:
[*] Changed API method for updating handbook of post offices.

Bug fixes:
[!] On the checkout page after post office choosing it was unable to scroll the page on mobile devices. Fixed.
Release #4
v1.1.1 from 11-Mar-2021
Bug fixes:
[!] Option "Post-payment to card" wasn't displaying in the "Configure" tab, when editing shipping method. Fixed.
Release #3
v1.1.0 from 04-Mar-2021
New features and improvements:
[+] Added the "Discount" field in the tab "Configure" of an editing shipping method page. It is needed to take into consideration the counterparty's discount when calculating shipping costs.
[+] Added ability to create EN with post-payment to card.

Bug fixes:
[!] Weight less than 100g was rounding up to 100g. Fixed.
[!] On disabling option "Post-payment" in the creating EN form, the field "Post-payment amount" wasn't disabled. Fixed.
[!] Error occurred when deleting EN. Fixed.
Release #2
v1.0.1 from 13-Jan-2021
Release of the "Ukrposhta" add-on
Release #1
v1.0.0 from 01-Dec-2020