How to increase the size of the logo

by alexbranding team

By default, the maximum logo height (50px) is limited in the UniTheme template, it was done on purpose to correctly display the site header in case the logo height is greater than the height of all the elements of the site header.

If you need to increase the height of the logo in your store, add the code below to your color scheme file.

Go to the Admin panel in the menu item (Design> Templates) and open to edit the file of your color scheme.


Copy the following code to a file.

.top-logo .ty-logo-container__image {
    max-height: 60px; // The required height of the logo in pixels
    margin-top: -5px; // The possibility of vertical positioning of the logo for alignment

Edit the value for the height you need - (max-height: 60px;). If you need to set the logo vertically, edit the value (margin-top: -5px;).


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